[rescue] clearing out some stuff

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Fri Feb 5 13:44:37 CST 2010

1) drives

1 sun tape drive: PN 595-3067 DDS-1 external tape drive with 10 tapes. this
has high density 50 pin scsi connectors.

1 phillips omniwriter  PM OMNI26. this has centronics50pin connectors.

1 sun cdrom PN 595=1711  this has high density 50pin scsi connectors.

1 no-name cdrom in a pseudo-411 box with no labels. this has the same 
[toshiba] cd drive as the previous but has 50pin centronics connectors.

2) keyboards with Din connectors:

1 sun type 4
2 sun type 5
2 sun type 5c

3) mice with Din connectors

6 sun type compact 1
2 sun crossbow
2 sun type 4 optical with special mousepad

i am in area code 80304. 

i can use 40-80mb eide ata 133 drives for some intel boxes on which i am
trying various linux versions. trade, or free for shipping if no one else
wants these.

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