[rescue] Solaris CD ISOs?

Mike Meredith very at zonky.org
Mon Feb 1 12:02:06 CST 2010

On Mon, 01 Feb 2010 08:34:42 -0500, Phil Stracchino wrote:
> I actually may give that a try, as it's something I should learn.  The

Well it shouldn't take long to learn; apart from the mounting of the
dvd image, it's about three commands (and not very tricky ones at
that). The nice thing about it, is that if it screws up, you can simply
throw away the "upgrade" and stick with what you've got.

> one thing I'm not clear on is, does a live upgrade blindly reinstall
> all default packages, or will it leave out packages that have been
> removed or replaced?

The later. It uses the currently installed set of packages to work out
what should be installed.

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