[rescue] ADMIN NOTICE: Server downtime this Friday, 12/31/10

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Wed Dec 29 22:09:51 CST 2010


There will be intermittent downtime of all services provided by
ohno.mrbill.net / sunhelp.org for a (hopefully) short period of time this
coming Friday afternoon, December 31st.  

Due to pricing changes at my ISP, I'm moving all services on the current
system (Sun T1000, hosted at OnRamp Access in Austin) to a new server (also
named ohno.mrbill.net) hosted at home in Houston on a Comcast Business
Class line.

There will be some minor roadbumps to overcome as I get everything back up
and running on the new system and regenerate the list archives for all the
lists, but hopefully everything will be back to 100% by that evening or 
at the very latest sometime on Saturday.

If you are a user with a shell account on the machine (there aren't many),
please let me know *after Saturday* if you run into any problems or need
additional software or utilities installed.

Thanks for your patience.  I'd also like to thank the folks at OnRamp
Access in Austin for being a GREAT colo provider for the past ten years.

I'd also like to publicly thank those of you who have expressed support
and / or contributed to the fund that paid for most of the new server.  

Bill (SunHELP dude, list manager, bit wrangler, etc).

Bill Bradford 
Houston, Texas

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