[rescue] SPARCserver power supply

Michael Thompson michael.99.thompson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 11:07:56 CST 2010

> when I first powered up the replacement power supply, and I found that a
> capacitor (C55) on the backplane had blown; this caused damage to the
> RAM chips of the cgthree card and it now shows a corrupted screen.
> Could any electronics experts please make a guess at what could have
> caused this?

Tantalum capacitors will blow for no apparent reason. I had the same
thing happen a few months ago on a 3/460 that I powered on after it
had been sitting for a few years. A tantalum on the CG3 board blew, I
replaced the board, a tantalum on the replacement CG3 blew, I replaced
the CG3 again and it works fine now.

Michael Thompson

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