[rescue] Need to make room for a Christmas tree...

Nate nate at portents.com
Sun Dec 19 21:43:17 CST 2010


I got married a few months ago, and I'm out of room at my apartment for a
tree, so some workstations have to go... I've made some half-hearted efforts
to sell these in the past, and while I won't say no to money, I'd rather just
see them go to a good home sooner rather than later at this point.  Preference
given to someone who can pick them up, and someone who can take most (all?) of
these.  I'm in 02144.

SGI Indigo 2
Processor: 195Mhz R10000, with 32/32KB I/D L1 cache, 1024KB L2 cache
Memory size: 1024 MBytes ECC (1GB)
Graphics: Solid Impact (2-board) + High Impact (1-board)
9GB Seagate Ultra SCSI drive
IRIX 6.5 installed
General information: http://www.sgizone.net/indigo2/
Historical article: http://www.futuretech.blinkenlights.nl/pcw5-93i2.html

HP Visualize C3650
Processor: PA-8700 625MHz with 768/1536KB on-chip I/D L1 cache
Graphics: Visualize-FX10 Pro 128MB video card (VGA and DVI-D connectors)
Memory size: 4096 MBytes ECC (4GB)
18GB Seagate Cheetah 15k RPM Ultra-Wide SCSI drive
DVD-RAM drive
HP keyboard and mouse included
Supports HP-UX, Linux, and OpenBSD
HP-UX 11i installed, full media set included
General information:

HP Visualize C360
Processor: PA-8500 367MHz with 512/1024KB on-chip I/D L1 cache
Graphics: Visualize-EG video card (EVC connector, no adapter, only tested over
serial console)
Memory size: 1024 MBytes ECC (1GB)
9GB Seagate Ultra-Wide SCSI drive
Supports HP-UX, Linux, and OpenBSD
HP-UX 11i installed, full media set included
General information:

HP-UX 11i System Administration Handbook and Toolkit book, 1826 pages

28-disc CD-ROM changer SCSI tower
Seven SCSI-2 Nakamichi MJ-4.8S (8x CD-ROM) drives in a tower case with power
Each drive is a slot-loading changer that can hold four discs
Centronics 50-pin SCSI connectors on back
Some scuffs on the painted steel case, tested for power-up and basic

UMAX Astra 600S, 600dpi single-pass 30-bit color flatbead SCSI scanner,
includes SCSI cable and terminator

Mac Quadra 700
68MB RAM (4x16MB 30-pin SIMMs + 4MB onboard)
2MB VRAM (6x256MB VRAM SIMMs + 512KB onboard)
1.2GB SCSI hard drive
Note: I painted the case exterior black with Krylon Fusion paint for aesthetic
reasons (uneven discoloring of the surface plastic)
Operating systems supported (besides Mac OS):

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