[rescue] Booting error on Sparcstation 2

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Sun Dec 19 15:42:30 CST 2010

On Dec 19, 2010, at 8:28 AM, Dark Den wrote:

> Boot: Lookuppn failed: Not a directory  (errno 20)
> Illegal instruction

The disk at that hardware path doesn't have a valid 4.2 filesystem. Possibly
the FS is corrupt, or your disk is failing.

One thing, I'm not sure what will happen if you don't specify a slice, the
default might be :a, it might be something nonsensical. Try this boot device

	/sbus/esp at 0,800000/sd at 3,0:a

> Rebooting with command: anner

You're interacting with the 'old' style boot PROM, and not OpenBoot. If you
want to play with FORTH, type 'n' for new command mode. Then you can run


until further notice

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