[rescue] Looking for Sun 4/110 FPU

pete leaknoil at charter.net
Fri Dec 17 13:53:23 CST 2010

I forgot all about Sunview. That brings back memories. There was a slide 
show graphics demo in Sunview that popped up a picture of a topless guy 
that always took me by surprise. It was like nice sunset, bridge, 
sailboat, beach, tree, half naked guy, air plane, etc.  It may have only 
been in SunOS 2. It was odd though.

X11 was really unusable without the FPU. All the window redraw stuff 
used it.  That's what I was told anyway.

On 12/17/2010 11:33 AM, Earl Baugh wrote:
> I have a working 4/110 (though I'll have to check which FPU it has).
> When they first came out,
> we had one at the office of the company I was working at, w/o the FPU.
>   And the performance was
> very doggy (compared to the 3/110's it was almost glacial).  The
> company went out and just purchased
> the FPU separately (and I don't believe from Sun...) and just dropped
> it in.  There wasn't any additional chips needed, at least on the
> motherboard we had.... it was ready to go.  And it definitely made a
> difference, thought I still thought the 3/110 had better Sunview
> performance.
> Earl
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