[rescue] Looking for Sun 4/110 FPU

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Fri Dec 17 13:33:35 CST 2010

>> I just got a 4/110 but, the poor thing is missing the fpu stuff. Does anyone
>>have a bad 4/110 board they can send me the 3 chips off of or even another
>>whole 4/110 motherboard ?

>I don't, but it's worth pointing out that the 4/110 board shipped in at least
>the following configurations, half of them without FPU:
>501-1199, 501-1512      8 MB w/o FPU
>501-1237, 501-1513      8 MB with FPU
>501-1462, 501-1514      16 MB w/o FPU
>501-1463, 501-1515      16 MB with FPU
>501-1464, 501-1516      32 MB w/o FPU
>501-1465, 501-1517      32 MB with FPU
>There were also at least two different FPUs. The 501-1384 FPU2 is supported
>only on the 501-151x boards. The FPU4 may also have been possible for a third
>option, but I'm not sure about that.

I have a working 4/110 (though I'll have to check which FPU it has).
When they first came out,
we had one at the office of the company I was working at, w/o the FPU.
 And the performance was
very doggy (compared to the 3/110's it was almost glacial).  The
company went out and just purchased
the FPU separately (and I don't believe from Sun...) and just dropped
it in.  There wasn't any additional chips needed, at least on the
motherboard we had.... it was ready to go.  And it definitely made a
difference, thought I still thought the 3/110 had better Sunview


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