[rescue] 3B2 / SysVr3 disks on Sun ?

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Dec 8 16:19:18 CST 2010

" From: pete <leaknoil at charter.net>
" On 12/8/2010 1:39 PM, gsm at mendelson.com wrote:
" >
" > Sysv r3 had a 1024 cylinder limit.
" I bet that is what I am running into.  I was thinking that maybe I could 
" setup a PC with r3 on it and a scsi controller and try formatting and 
" partitioning it there. Then move it to the 3B2. Seems like the 
" information on how to do it might be easier to find. What would the most 
" 'standard' r3 release of the day be for the PC side ?

linux might allow you to format sVfs too.
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