[rescue] 3B2 / SysVr3 disks on Sun ?

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Wed Dec 8 15:39:51 CST 2010

On Wed, Dec 08, 2010 at 01:04:47PM -0800, pete wrote:
>Funny enough, almost every post asking for help went unanswered on 
>the group. There was not a lot of talking about these machines. I 
>guess they were pretty much on the way out when the USENET really 
>started to explode. They were also mainly government machines which 
>meant not a lot of outside experts sharing info.

Sysv r3 had a 1024 cylinder limit. On IDE drives it was just over 500 megabytes.
On SCSI drives it was 1g with 512 byte blocks. In order to get over 1g, you
had to format the disks with larger blocks, so the number of cylinders did
not go over 1024. 

I know PC versions of R4 could go much bigger, I don't know about the 3B2 as
the ones I had had 80m MFM disks.


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