[rescue] 3B2 / SysVr3 disks on Sun ?

pete leaknoil at charter.net
Mon Dec 6 21:17:50 CST 2010

I really don't know where else to turn. Someone here may have an idea.

I have a 3B2/600 I want to use modern scsi drives on. I can ID them and 
assign them to devices but, it can't format them.  I suspect it doesn't 
know how to deal with drives over 1gb or something similar.

I was wondering if there was a way to build one on a Solaris box then 
move it to the 3B2. It would seem like the 3B2 should be about as 
standard SysVr3 as there is. I haven't tried it but, I've heard you can 
even see 3B2 disks and partitions on Solaris. Just not interact with 
them.  Is there a sysVr3 disk standard and can Solaris access it ? Linux ?

In the ancient past third parties sold drives >1gb for the 3B2. They 
modified three files to do so. Two I can handle and have. The third is 
way beyond me. I know its dealing with SCSI commands but, how to change 
it isn't clear. Here's is the default scsi version that doesn't format 
my disks so far:
# cat sd00.0
         MODE SENSE :                        1A0003001C00
         MODE SENSE :                        1A0004001800
         FORMAT :                            00000000 040500000100
         FORMAT WITH DEFECTS :               00000000 041D00000100 00C00000
         READ CAPACITY :                     25000000000000000000
         DISK INFO :                         FFFFFFFF 00000003 0000 0000 
0000 0000
         VERIFY :                            2F000000000000000000
         READ DEFECT DATA :                  37001D00000000000000

I am sure the formatting will be all screwed up but, I tried. It should 
give you an idea. I am guessing these are commands sent by the format 
program to the drive. These newer scsi 2 drives probably need something 

For once google has failed me on a problem. Just not enough 3B2 info out 
there. I've spent hours looking through the old news group archive even. 
Nothing. I think the whole trick is making a custom version of the above 
file but, I have no clue how. I see these commands listed in drive 
documentation  like but, I don't see how it relates to those. There a 
SCSI expert out there that can decipher this ?

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