[rescue] SPARCserver power supply

Lex Landa brooknet at imap.cc
Thu Dec 2 19:10:57 CST 2010

Hello Simon,

Thanks for your reply.

On Thu, 2 Dec 2010 22:04:33 +1100, "Simon Fryer" <fryers at gmail.com>

> Attached are some scanned paged from the Sun Field Engineers Handbook
> that show the VME pinout, including the power supply pins.
> I hope you find them useful.

I do, as it tells me what signals should be present on the VME bus side
of the connectors.  If I can, I'll take the boards out and have a look
at the traces to see exactly which routes the power sockets take on
their way to the VME bus.

Thanks for finding this information, as I was struggling under a
deluge of Sun documentation that did not appear to be related to my

I even considered phoning Sun's UK office and bothering them directly,
but that probably wouldn't have helped.

I'm glad that you agree with my PSU upgrade option, as I think that
trying to buy an old PSU - and pay the import and tax fees - would not
help in the long run.



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