[rescue] SPARCserver power supply

Simon Fryer fryers at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 04:57:55 CST 2010


On 02/12/2010, Lex Landa <brooknet at imap.cc> wrote:

> I've got a Sun SPARCserver 630MP 'deskside', in need of some TLC with
> regards to its power supply.  I am in the UK (Devon).

[tale of spider infestation and power supply fires]

> My choices are:
> 1. Replace the power supply with a beefier one.  This might be my best
> idea - it's about all I can afford, anyway.  I'd need the proper pinout
> (see below) and compatible 'Pressfit' connectors.

[ideal original replacement option]

> To get the ATX PSU to work, I needed to hack up a cable that is not
> going to last much longer, since its connectors were salvaged from the
> old partially-melted PSU board.  I guessed at the connections to the
> plugs at the base of the PSU, which are marked 'J1' and 'J2'.
> If anyone knows of any official pinout for these connectors, I would be
> very pleased as I have not been able to find one.  My best guess is
> listed in this text file:

[references to assorted information]

I have had a look at the Sun Field Engineers Handbook. The bad news is
that it does not show the pinouts. However it seems that the 630MP is
a VME backplane Sun.

The VME interface is pretty well defined. Apart from an obvious check
for diodes and other semiconductors, it should be possible to trace
out the VME supply pins to the J1 and J2 power supply connectors. It
should then be possible to build a suitable adapter cable and wire in
suitable replacement PSU.

As more I think about this, I am not sure that an ATX PSU is ideal. I
am unsure if the ATX PSU regulates to the 3.3V or the 5V rail. Looking
at the VME pinout the 3.3V line would never be used. A different PSU
may be more appropriate if one is easily available.

Lex, I'll email you the VME pinouts personally in a minute.


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