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Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 23:27:29 -0400
Subject: [rescue] Ultra 10, again (won't this guy ever shut up?)
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I agree - this guy need to pay someone for professional helps.  I am running U10 with the same card in the last 8 months without any problems.

s at wrote:

>Mike Nicewonger wrote:
>> > And it works. Just like that. Apparently the Symbios SYM8751SP isn't as
>> > compatible as I'd gathered. Nothing personal to all those who
>> That is odd, I have sold at least 6 of the Symbios boards for U10's with not a
>> single complaint.
>Very odd. It worked perfectly for a day. Just long enough to install the
>OS and get happy. I came down in the morning and hit my usual "shift"
>key to wake it up, and nothing. OK, so I power cycled it. fsck... Back
>up. Great.
>Next morning, same routine, and irritation. Geeze, I just got the thing,
>now this!? Power cycle...
>Dead again when I came home. And again later (I get home early).
>Next day, it happened while I was sitting there. That's when I saw the
>panic messages about cpu ecache sram data parity errors, and
>Then it was more frequent. Like half an hour. That's when it was
>suggested that I clean the DIMMs. I did, and started to get all sorts of
>Memory Address not Aligned
>Fast Data Access MMU Miss
>Instruction Access Error
>You know, fun stuff. :(
>I gave up. Considered getting some DIMMs to stick in, but they ain't
>cheap, and I'm on a budget. I decided to throw in the towel and get a
>U30 or 60 from Comdisco (still might, those 30's *are* cheap). So I
>pulled the SCSI drives to stick back in the Linux box, and put the IDEs
>back in.
>What the hell, I booted it just to see what would happen. And it
>happened. We'll see how long it lasts. 8 hours now.
>I loaded the SunPCi software, but don't have a copy of windows. Will it
>run any other OS?
>Also, assuming this box stays up and is actually usefull, can I mount
>the drives with "logging" on IDE? I assume it's based on the filesystem,
>yes? So media doesn't matter.
>Can I swap these drives for faster ones? They're Ultra ATA33, and now
>there's Ultra ATA<something faster>. Anyone know? Or is the bus speed
>the limit? I don't know these things, the only IDE I have is in my
>laptop and a Javelin Wedge.
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