[rescue] Two dollar Tuesday!

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezicsb at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 21:22:38 CDT 2010

Hey, Rescuers.  Found a few more interesting little tidbits you might
be interested in saving from the scrap/FreeGeek/recycle pile:

1.  Emulex MD21 SCSI->ESDI controller.  Works (tested it under
SunOS4).  With cables.  $2.

2.  Cox/Sanwa 2-channel RC (transmitter, receiver, and 2 servos).
72.320 Mhz.  Worked when I pulled it from the wreckage of a P-51 I
built, loved and eventually flew into the ground when I was 14.  Don't
have a twelve (!!) AA cells around to test it now.  $99.95 when I
bought it new in 1982; now just $2!

3.  Zenith ZT-1 VT52-compatible terminal with 80x25 composite green
video monitor.  Bell 103 (300 baud) modem built-in.  Parallel printer
port.  But no serial port - you have to hook it up through the modem!
Crazy!  In original shipping crates.  Cost $484 new in 1982.  Now just
$2!  Seriously!  Shipping might be around $30 or more, depending on
your ZIP code.  (The ZVM-121 monitor might be useful on an older 8-bit
micro, which is why I figured I'd ask before just tossing it.)

4.  E4500 "skins".  Have the skins and fee... er, may have tossed the
feet.  Will attempt to locate the feet.  If by random coincidence you
have a stark naked E4500 pulled from a rack that you'd like to dress
up and display proudly on a (sturdy) tabletop (or use _as_ a sturdy
tabletop), I'll give you these for the cost of shipping.  The machine,
sadly, is already gone. :-(

It's been a very hectic couple of weeks, so I hope I haven't missed
any replies to those who responded to my earlier posts; I'm working
through the mailbox to catch up.  I'm also putting together a complete
list of everything that's left to post it on the web, rather than
hodge-podge mailings here.  There have been more requests for NeXT
stuff than I have machines, so I need to think about the most fair way
to respond to that...


-- Chris

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