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Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Tue Aug 31 15:10:49 CDT 2010

On 08/31/10 14:54, der Mouse wrote:
>> Personally, I have a very well-developed "Oh shit, I dropped it, get
>> my feet the *(&%*&%^$# out of the landing zone" reflex.
> So do I...except that it doesn't appear to truly be a reflex.  If it's
> something heavy or pointy or some such, that's my reaction.  But if
> it's something brittle and not particularly damaging if it _does_ land
> on my foot (a china teacup, a light bulb, that sort of thing), my
> "reflex" is the reverse: stick my foot under the falling object.
> I've wondered if I have two reflexes and my reflex system is configured
> to use one or the other by my knowwledge of what I'm potentially
> dropping, or whether there is something like cognition going on much
> faster than usual, or what.

A good point.  Yes, I've noticed the same thing.  It'd be interesting to
know exactly what goes on.  My guess would be there is something like a
"Object falling, try to catch it with any available limb" reflex, which
gets overridden if needed by the priority-interrupt reflex "DANGEROUS
object falling, GET OUT OF THE WAY."

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