[rescue] WTB: Lantronix UDS-10 RS-485 to ethernet, maybe micrologix/AB Panelview

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Aug 25 12:55:24 CDT 2010

> Moxa also make these. They work really well. Although most seem to be
> over $25, especially new. Process control takes a while to catch up so
> people are still buying and implementing serial equipment.

Yea. I'm kind of looking for used on a budget here. It's just for a 
personal project.

> Having worked with this sort of equipment, getting the hardware is the
> easy bit. Getting the programming software, programming adapters and
> software keys can be more than a little difficult.

Software keys? Hmmm I've never actually installed the Panelview 
development software. Sometimes bits of it leak onto the internet. I'm 
just interested in playing with it to check it out, not using it in any 
real fashion.

I do use AMX automation stuff for personal projects, but have legal access 
to the tools.

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