[rescue] Parts needed for VAXstation 3200

leaknoil leaknoil at charter.net
Sun Aug 22 15:07:43 CDT 2010

  I was just given a VAXStation 3200 but, the drives are gone along with 
whatever mounted them in there. I'd love to get this running again. 
Anyone have spare drives (tape and mfm) and the mounting hardware for 
these ? A front cover would be nice too.  I'm in California but, I'd be 
willing to ship pretty far. Even just the sleds would be a great help.

Failing that does anyone know if it possible to stick a qbus scsi 
controller in it ? Would the boot rom even support booting from SCSI ? I 
have a RZ28 and a SCSI TK50 somewhere I think.

If anyone has a more complete VAX/VMS running box in the SF Bay Area and 
wanted to trade it for this, or just get rid of, let me know.  I'm not 
particularly attached to this and really don't need another 'project' . 
I just want an old VAX or PDP to play with occasionally and nothing that 
takes three phase or blows all my fuses. This was going to be recycled 
if I didn't grab it.

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