[rescue] Clearing out older Sun stuff

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezicsb at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 21:51:22 CDT 2010

Welp, I'm out of money, time, patience and brains, so the computer
collection is going to be broken up and sold, recycled or scrapped.
So it goes.  There are still a few small items I can probably box up
and ship myself, which I hope maybe someone here might make use of.

Available for cost of parcel post from 97214:

SunOS 4.1.x Software (each includes CDROM + manual):
Qty 2  Sun Network Coprocessor 1.0
Qty 1  Sun Network Coprocessor 1.2
Qty 1  Sun Prestoserve 2.3
Qty 1  Sun Online DiskSuite 1.0
Qty 1  Solaris 1.1.2 (SunOS 4.1.4) for SPARC box set

Suggested donation (mostly to cover the cost of shipping supplies) or
best offer:

Qty 2  370-1421  Network Coprocessor (NFS accelerator)*  $5/ea
Qty 1  501-1203  ALM-2 16 channel serial (*with* breakout box & cables)  $15

* These SNC boards, coupled with a Prestoserve, made for a formidable
NFS server in its day.  Hang 30 diskless ELCs off a 4/470 and still
outperform local disk!  Provides a 10 megabit Ethernet (AUI) and
requires SunOS 4 for microcode download at bootstrap.  AFAIK, none of
the BSDs or Linux provide kernel support this, so it's only for the
hardcore sun4/VME fan.  der Mouse? :-)

Qty 2  X2131A  SunPCi  II 600Mhz/64MB (new/unused/untested)  $10/ea

Qty 10  370-3142  FDDI/S SAS 5.0 (NEW/sealed)  $5/ea*
Qty 2  501-2655  Fast Ethernet 1.0/1.1 ("be")  $2/ea
Qty 2  501-1672  Sun GX  8-bit color framebuffer (CG6)  $2
Qty 1  501-4837  Quad Fast Ethernet ("qfe")  $5
Qty 1  501-2232  SunVideo compression board  $10**
Qty 1  370-1401  Prestoserve (dead batteries... feel like soldering?)  Free
Qty 1  20-050-1057  Antares Wide SCSI + hme Ethernet combo  $5
Qty 1  20-050-1021B  Antares Fast-Wide SCSI  $2
Qty 2  SBA-200  Fore Systems ATM 155Mbit  (Fiber, ST)  $5***

* Have a Cisco WS-1400 FDDI switch w/one 8-port card, one empty slot.
Tested fine, but with one bad port.  Have some random oddball fiber
cables (MIC->ST?) I could throw in too.  Gladly take offers on the
switch too...

** Tested, works.  SUNWrtvc drivers bundled with Solaris; works with
ShowMeTV.  Runs way too hot for an SS20 unless you seriously
supplement the airflow.  Probably best in a U2.  Or a SC2000E. :-)

*** Also have a pair of the Fore EISA cards pulled from a couple of HP
700s, and two ancient ForeRunner ASX 200 switches w/8 ports ea if you
want those too.  Pile of Fore docs and floppies/drivers if you're into
ATM stuff.

Qty 1  501-2520  75 Mhz, SM71 SuperSPARC-II  $10
Qty 1  501-2562  50 MHz, SM51 SuperSPARC (rev -02, works in SS20)  $6
Qty 1  501-2359  40 MHz, SM41 SuperSPARC  $4
Qty 1  370-1388  40 MHz, SM100 dual CPU module, Ross  $3

Qty 1000+  501-2196  32MB SIMM, 68-pin (for sun4d machines)  $1/ea, or
banks of 8 for $5?


Qty 1  595-2686  X3540 Desktop kit, includes: Type 5 Kbd (Unix),
Optical mouse with metal pad, Sun Microphone, keyboard cable, two
power cables, documentation - *pristine* condition/never used/original
packaging.  Heavy!  $7

Qty 1  595-3974  Sun Tuner, with serial cable and power supply.
Combine with the SunVideo Sbus card above and watch analog broadcast
TV on screen!  This thing must be pretty rare, 'cuz I couldn't find
anything on the web about it... no driver required; there's some
sample source code around that explains how to tell it over the serial
port to change channels.  Probably not many areas left (in the US,
anyway) that haven't made the digital switch, so this may be of
limited use.  Rural areas with analog repeaters?  Low power or
closed-circuit systems?  I dunno.  It's an interesting novelty, if
nothing else!  $20 obo

Qty 2  SPARCclassic, 48MB, floppy, no HD, ROM 2.9.  Both have invalid
IDPROM contents (dead NVRAM batteries) but booted and ran fine off an
external disk.  $10/ea?

Qty 1  SPARCstation 20: quad SM52X 50Mhz SuperSPARC (501-2780, 1M
cache), 128MB RAM (8x16), 2GB disk (ST32171WC), no CDROM or floppy.
OBP 2.19.  These are the double-wide modules, so only two free Sbus
slots.  Bit of an ugly duckling ("cosmetically challenged").  Was the
firewall for "boondoggle.com" for 10 years or so without complaint.
$20 obo.  Willing to part it out if the CPUs alone are interesting to

Qty 1  SPARCstation 20: quad Ross RT625 125Mhz (256k cache), 384MB RAM
(6x64) + 4MB VSIMM, 2GB disk (ST32430WC), CDROM + floppy, Sbus combo
SCSI+100bT Ethernet (hme), supplemental cooling.  OBP 2.25R.  In very
nice shape.  Was my last 32-bit SPARC desktop before finally upgrading
to an Ultra.  $75 obo

All of this must ship in the next week or two; after that it's off to
the recycler.  It makes me ill to admit this, but with given the price
of gold and the urgency of my situation I have little choice but to
sell it by the pound... sigh.

If you're in or near Portland, OR and are interested in sun4d machines
(SS1000E, SC2000/E, CS6400) or NetApp or NeXT stuff, give me a shout.
I'd love to find homes for most of my collection rather than scrap it,
but I'm short on time and don't have the resources to ship larger
items (like monitors, or anything bigger than pizza boxes).  You could
save time and just buy my house, and I'll include all the computers
with it! :-)


-- Chris

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