[rescue] Solaris 10 (Sparc) SCSI tape problem

Bob rjtoegel at verizon.net
Sat Aug 21 17:09:41 CDT 2010

   And, of course, before I get my half-assed answer in, either somebody
   gave him the answer or he found it himself.
   I'll shut up now... :-)
   Aug 21, 2010 06:04:41 PM, rescue at sunhelp.org wrote:

     > I know you'll probably get better (and more correct) advice but I
     > to recall on some Sun machines it looks for a tape as SCSI ID 4.
     > least everything I hooked a tape drive to found it if I set it to
     4. I
     > could be totally wrong but it's worth a try.
     > Bob

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