[rescue] Solaris 10 (Sparc) SCSI tape problem

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Sat Aug 21 13:53:43 CDT 2010

I have here a Sun V210 with a week-and-a-half-old Solaris 10 install,
and an external IBM Ultrium TD2 LTO2 drive.  The drive is known good;
I've been using it for full backups for nearly a year now.  The SCSI
controller is known good; the V210 boots off a ZFS mirrored pair of 36G
disks on it.  The cable is known good; it was previously connecting one
of minbar's two 711s.  At boot time, an OpenBoot probe-scsi-all
correctly detects and identifies the tape drive, at SCSI ID 8, which
sort of implies the external SCSI port is working.  A strings listing on
the st driver confirms that it specifically knows about ULTRIUM TD2 drives.

However, *once Solaris is booted*, nothing I can do will make Solaris
see the tape drive.  I've booted -rv, twice, trying to get any nodes
created in /dev/rmt; I've tried both tapes and devfsadm, with and
without manually loading the st module first, with and without
power-cycling the tape drive first, at least half a dozen times in every
combination I can think of.  /dev/rmt remains stubbornly empty.  I'm
drawing a complete blank.

Am I missing something obvious?  Can anyone give me any pointers on
getting Solaris to see the drive?

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