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Seems that everyone is dumping Sun stuff.
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Apologies to those who have seen this already on cctalk.

I have the following Sun equipment available for collection from
Cheltenham in the UK.

Sun E450. No disks. I have a HVD SCSI card for it but LVD cards can be
found suitably cheap on EBay. I don't *think* it has memory. It is in
a floor standing cabinet.

Sun SPARCstation 2. Has a couple of 210MB disks and what appears to be
a full compliment of RAM. I have added an external battery to the
NVRAM / RTC chip.

Sun 411 External SCSI enclosure. There is a disk in it is a Quantum 9GB disk.

5 x Sun Spud brackets.

4 x 50pin SCSI hard drives in the size of about 100MB.

I also have an IPC that is in bits if anyone wants parts. I used the
power supply to transplant into a different lunchbox sun.

I am happy to deliver in the UK if the destination is close to where I
am passing - I work in Coventry and make it to the Bletchley on a
regular basis. I am also happy to ship everything except the E450 at



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