[rescue] BIOS update for Sun Fire v40z?

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Thu Aug 19 10:13:57 CDT 2010


You may be thinking of the Ultra 20's, that had Tyan mother boards.

The V20z and V40z systems came from a company called Newisys.

FWIW, the firmware on these things are a PITA.  I purchased a V20z off 
of a list member December 2009, and never got it going.  Things on Sparc 
just work..  :(


On 08/19/10 10:04, Scott Quinn wrote:
> Moving from a discussion of copyright to a discussion of how to solve the OP's
> problem:
> For a while the Sun x64 workstations were built with mainboards OEMed from
> someone else (Tyan, I think). If that is true for the Fire (sadly it looks
> like the Fire might be a bit more custom) then you could try the OEM vendor to
> find a BIOS that will work on it. You'll loose the Sun splash screen, but So
> It Goes.
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