[rescue] BIOS update for Sun Fire v40z?

Ellie Fant ellie_fanti at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 18 14:01:12 CDT 2010


I am a new member here and the last thing I was intending was to cause
issues regarding illegal file downloads and copyright infringement. My
understanding was that the BIOS files were public domain as Sun had previously
had them as free downloads. They are after all a very specific BIOS for a
particular Sun server that is of no use to anybody that doesn't own one. I
understand your reaction had I come on here asking for a license key
for Windows 
Server 2008 as that clearly would be illegal but I have already
bought that so 
don't need to. I don't believe I have asked anybody to steal
anything and I 
never would.


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[rescue] BIOS update for Sun Fire v40z?

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 6:53 PM,
Ellie Fant <ellie_fanti at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've just bought a
second hand v40z from ebay as I need to set up a
> VMWare
> server for a
testing environment and the amount of performance for
> your money
> with
these looks pretty good. So I received it today and booted it
> up and all
seems to be fine except during boot up it issues the message "BIOS
> microcode
> patch for Opteron(tm)/Athlon(tm) processor erratum 131 not
> detected. It is
> highly recommended to upgrade the BIOS". Its currently got
> the BIOS
> v2.35.3.2 but I see that the latest version is v2.35.5.1.
> Does
anybody know if
> this will fix the above errata? The other slightly
annoying problem is that
> Oracle seems to want me to buy a premium support
license in order to download
> the BIOS but thats not really an option. I have
> seen from here that a few other
> people have mentioned this problem with
Oracle deciding to charge for the BIOS
> that Sun used to give away for free.
> Does anybody know where I can get hold of
> the latest BIOS without having
> pay lots of money for a support contract I
> don't want/need?
> Thanks
> advance for all your help,
> Ellie
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You do realize that you
asked people to steal this software and give the
stolen goods to you, don't

If the new owner, Oracle, wants to now charge for software that the old
owner, Sun,  previously gave away, they have the perfect right to do so.
However regrettable you find Oracle's action, it is still unethical to ask
people to steal for you.  To compound your solicitation, you have asked in a
public forum and everyone, even Oracle, now knows of your intent to steal
their product.  Even the retention of this formerly free software, on an ftp
site for example, probably violates Oracle's licensing.

I can sympathize (and
even empathize) with you but, please, don't ask list
members to take unethical
actions on your, or anyone's behalf.
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