[rescue] FFS to a good home

James Birdsall jwb-tech at picarefy.com
Sun Aug 15 01:21:51 CDT 2010

The following are in my garage and need to be somewhere else, for the 
price of shipping from 98087.

Somebody was talking about IBM's serial disk (SSA) stuff recently. I 
have three 7133 chassis, several boxes of 4G drives in sleds, cables, 
and a variety of Microchannel controllers. Everything but the chassis 
are shippable fairly easily. It was sold to me as working, but that was 
ten years and several moves ago. I have no idea what shape they're in 
now -- except that the foam on the chassis is sorta decaying -- and no 
way to check. As sweet as big disk arrays are, I can't justify the heat, 
power, and noise for seventy-two gigs of space.

AT&T 3B1 in the wedge chassis, with keyboard and mouse, 3.5 megs of 
memory, 40(?) meg hard drive, and the rare ethernet card. Last known 
working, and I can check. I'll need to reset the root password, at any rate.

Sun 386i. It passed self-test many years ago, I can check. It has the 
keyboard/mouse/framebuffer card but I don't have a cable for it, so I 
can't check that part. I also have a set of SunOS 4.0.1 floppies for it, 
condition iffy.

Five Sun 3/50's in various chassis. One of them has an expansion 
daughterboard which brings the memory up to 8M. These are easy to check.

Local pickup ONLY: Alphaserver 2000 4/275. No disks, but I think it has 
a couple sleds. Linux supported this at one time, although these days 
Alpha Linux seems to have gone by the wayside. I don't think any of the 
BSDs ever supported it. You could load NT4 on it and play solitaire, I 

Not specifically in my garage, but possibly of interest to this group: 
Journal of Irreproducable Results v35n6 (Nov/Dec 90) through v39n1 
(Jan/Feb 94),
Annals of Improbable Research v1n1 (Jan/Feb 95) through v5n6 (Nov/Dec 
99) (but missing v3n6 for some reason), and AIR (Jan/Feb 02 through 
Nov/Dec 02).

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