[rescue] HP9000 rescue - copy HP-UX from DVD to CDs?

Cory Bajus cbajus at mts.net
Thu Aug 12 20:29:45 CDT 2010

  On 12/08/2010 7:59 PM, Jonathan J. M. Katz wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 8:33 PM, Cory Bajus<cbajus at mts.net>  wrote:
>>   A J6000 followed me home the other day and I'd like to install HP-UX on
> it.
>>   The trouble is this system has a plain CD-ROM drive, and the only HP-UX
>> media I have (11i v1) is on DVD.  Does anyone know of a way to extract the
>> necessary contents from the DVD to write onto CDs?  Netbooting (using
>> Ignite-UX) isn't possible as I don't have another HP-UX system to act as a
>> server.
> Per Google, the CD-ROM is ATAPI, so you should just be able to put a
> DVD in and go.
> http://www.alimartech.com/pdfs/J6000%20Data%20Sheet.pdf
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The CD-ROM is ATAPI (a slimline laptop-style drive) but seems to have a 
different connector on an interposer board which is connected using 
screws I can't remove (or haven't tried hard enough yet...).


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