[rescue] Looking for GPIB stuff

Steven Hill sjh at waroffice.net
Thu Aug 12 02:06:21 CDT 2010

On Wed, 11 Aug 2010, Richard wrote:

> HPIB/GPIB cables show up on ebay semi-regularly.
> USB/ethernet to GPIB?  I suppose it can be done, but I've never heard
> of or seen one.  Then again, I didn't look.

The ethernet to HP-IB bridge is a fairly common piece of kit. The old 
ones are not particularly stable - we used to use them on the production 
lines... The new ones (Agilent branded, forgot the model no) are pretty 

USB-HP-IB are common enough, but were pricey - I think we had 200 or so, 
but because they're so useful, they all seem to have been, err, 


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