[rescue] Any GRiD knowledge?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Fri Apr 30 13:58:10 CDT 2010

There's this guy I work with who recently bought a GRiD 286 machine, a
"1500 series" machine that appears to be a 1500 (as opposed to a 1520
or 1550 or etc).  It's a very very nicely built machine, but a minute
or two after turning it on, while failing to boot, it let out a loud
snap and the magic smoke started curling out.

Interesting thing is, it stayed up enough to continue displaying text
on the screen for the second or so it took for us to dive for the power
switch and then power cord.  We don't yet, know what it was that died.

We're trying to get it open.  We've got the cover off the top, and it
appears the next thing is to take the power supply out (this one has
the integral power brick rather than battery), but we can't get it out.
There's a plastic latch that's clearly designed to release it somehow,
but we can't get the latch to release the PS.  We don't know whether
it's broken or stuck or what.

Anybody here know enough to throw us some hints?

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