[rescue] For Free: 3xSun UltraSparc 5, 360 MHz, 128MB RAM + 160GB HDD [San Diego]

VR g29sne4eyk at snkmail.com
Fri Apr 30 04:09:17 CDT 2010

Hi all,

I have three (3) UtlraSparc5 "pizza box" desktop machines, each with 128MB of RAM, 360MHz CPU that I am offering for free ; location is San Diego, CA.  The units worked fine last time I tested them.

They have whatever default disk drive came with the unit (no OS installed) but I will include (for free) a more modern Seagate 160GB PATA/IDE drive (working pull) for each unit.  I think I have one or two of the Sun keyboards to go along with these as well.

I'm offering them for free, hoping they will go to a good home.  I use several of these and they run OpenBSD like a champ!

Please e-mail me if you're interested.  I'll gladly accept donations or trades of interesting equipment if you're offering =).

Best regards!

Off topic but I also have an SGI O2 machine that'll offer for free to anyone interested.

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