[rescue] Time to Move Redux

Scott M scott.m.16 at atsgate.com
Wed Apr 28 09:12:46 CDT 2010

Andrew Weiss wrote: 

> I have until roughly 7/1/2010 to get rid of this stuff:
> http://homepage.mac.com/rumbeard/systeminv042610.htm
> ... 
> I am not shipping, however.

> All in 07470 Wayne, NJ

If you google: 
UPS Store Wayne NJ

And then contact these people, they may be able to drive to 
Andrew's location, get the item(s) you want, and then pack and 
ship them to you. 

A school district was selling a very nice IBM machine on eBay 
several years ago for almost nothing.  The only catch was 
"local pick up only", and I was several hundred miles away. 
A UPS Store (formerly Mailboxes Etc) drove a truck to the school 
and got the machine for me, and only charged $25 for the service. 

The mistake I made was in estimating the shipping cost.  IBM docs 
listed the machine at ?? kg.  (I do not recall the exact number). 
I DIVIDED by 2.2 to get the weight in pounds.  It came to something 
like 40 lbs and that seemed about right, so the UPS Store quoted me 
a shipping price based on that weight.  However, when the machine 
got to the UPS Store and was weighed, it was MUCH heavier.  The 
correct way to convert kg to lbs is to MULTIPLY by 2.2.  Shipping 
was about $200, but the machine was still a bargain since the eBay 
price was only $18.  Lessons learned:  Don't be sloppy doing 
conversions, and always assume IBM machines will be heavier than 
expected, not lighter.  :) 
Scott M

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