[rescue] PCI bracket exchange

Jonathan Sturges jonathansturges at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 27 08:40:01 CDT 2010

> I have several of them. Are you asking in the abstract or do you really need one?

> - Will

Well, kinda both.  I recently was looking for LP brackets for some Intel PRO/1000 MT dual GigE cards, and had a really hard time.  I eventually found them on eBay, but I got lucky.  It was then I thought that folks (especially Rescuer types) probably face this issue on a regular basis, and I bet we're also the same folks that keep unused brackets around.  I guess this list is as good a place as any to swap brackets, though in my grandiose vision of doing so, someone would actually keep an inventory of brackets, maybe even with pictures.  


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