[rescue] Ultra 5 OS

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 05:51:27 CDT 2010

On Apr 21, 2010, at 11:53 PM, "Sheldon T. Hall" <shel at artell.net> wrote:

> We didn't see any way to change that.  The BIOS boot stuff didn't list
> add-in cards, just the usual floppy, CD, HD.

Odd, I may be thinking desktops not servers, but *usually* there is a  
boot device enable/disabe option where you designate boot order.

Out of curiousity, what model is the server and what was the SATA  
controller? I suspect the card and BIOS weren't playing well together,  
as you originally described...


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