[rescue] Ultra 5 OS

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Wed Apr 21 16:28:55 CDT 2010

 Laurens Vets said ...
> On 4/20/2010 12:33 AM, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> > I installed Ubuntu Server 8.04 on a very plain-Jane Dell box. All 
> > drivers present and accounted for, but finding out how to set up a 
> > RAID without a GUI required Jedi-level Googling and not 
> just a little imagination.
> Do you mean hardware RAID or software RAID?


Longer answer ... I wanted to set up mdadm (software) RAID, but in its
default, non-RAID mode, the SATA card I added to the old Dell "jumped the
queue" and put itself first in the boot queue.  So we had to enable the
hardware RAID, which didn't actualy do RAID without the Windows drivers,
before we could boot the machine and get mdadm RAID going.

Getting mdadm RAID going on an existing server without a GUI wasn't
something for which a simple how-to could be found.  No problem finding the
"doing it at installation time if you want to boot from the RAID" sort of
pages, but finding the exact order of appropriate commands to create a RAID
on two new disks took a bit of searching.

It seems to work Just Fine after all that, however.


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