[rescue] upgrading VAXstation memory

Marcin 'Rambo' Roguski rambo at id.uw.edu.pl
Wed Apr 21 02:56:09 CDT 2010

Dnia 21 Kwietnia 2010, 05:22, &r, Patrick Giagnocavo napisa3(a):
> John Floren wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've got a VAXstation 4000-60 with 32 MB of RAM. I'd like to add some
>> more RAM for NetBSD, but I'm not exactly sure what my options are.
>> Googling brings up a few DEC model numbers, but it's $200 for 32 MB in
>> MS44-DA modules on Ebay. If anyone can offer some alternate models,

Does this:
look like it will fit? 'Cause I have tons of them...

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