[rescue] upgrading VAXstation memory

Scott Quinn saquinn624 at aol.com
Tue Apr 20 21:23:41 CDT 2010

 VAXstations (except the 4000/VLC) use proprietary RAM, and the bigger modules
are hard to find. On the plus side, 32MB is OK, at least for VMS and text-mode

The big catch on VAXstations is on the 3100 models, where the boot partition
can't be larger than 1.06GB unless you've built a patched PROM. This makes VMS
difficult, since for VMS it's one filesystem per disk and it spans the entire
disk, but BSDs can get around it by partitioning. VAXstation 4000 models don't
have this limitation.

The 4000/60 is kind of tight in the drive bay, but you should be able to get a
SCA drive to work. Make sure you do your research, since Ultra320 drives do
not necessarily have to support narrow operation (earlier specs do), though
many U320 drives do support it. You might need to jumper the disk to force SE
and/or narrow operation - check to make sure you can b/c the autosense doesn't
always work.

Even with those difficulties I'd recommend going with a SCA drive. They're
newer than the narrow drives, and generally cheaper/easier to find. Common
50-pin drives top out at about 4 GB, with larger sizes hard to find and more
expensive. 9-18GB SCAs are practically giveaway now, and plenty big for most
VAX work.

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