[rescue] Ultra 5 OS

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Mon Apr 19 10:59:38 CDT 2010

On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 11:52:27AM -0400, Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:
>I don't want a hobbyist license, keep it the way it was, free as in
>beer, with OpenSolaris free as in speech/beer - or see your
>multi-billion investment go down the tubes as Solaris becomes a more
>portable version of IRIX.

Playing Devil's Advocate here, or see his multibillion dollar investment
continue to make him money. With only pay-for-it licenses, Solaris is
supported by paing customers, who have an incentive to pay for it.

Seriously, name one company that acutally made money from open-sourcing
it's products and keeping it that way? 


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