[rescue] Stuff to dispense with pt 1.

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Sun Apr 18 23:23:08 CDT 2010

On Thursday 15 April 2010, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> + DG Nova 2 w/ PERTEC 9-track tape drive and dual 8" floppy.
>  Asking $750, this will go to eBay if I don't get any takers. 
>  + DG
>  Nova 4.  Have 3 or 4, some missing the front-panel. 3rd party
>  Disk/QIC tape rackmount box that goes with them.

> + SGI Onyx prototype machine.  The same size and chassis as a
>  Challenge XL.  $100

I have posted pictures of these on my flickr account:


For those who have asked, I'm looking for $250 each for the Nova 4 and 
disk/tape subsystem sets.

Other things I have available that I didn't think of in time for my 
first post:

"Diva disk system", disk-pack drives.  There are 3 of these I don't know 
much about these besides the fact they're HEAVY, and supposedly use are 
a Trident disk drive (?). Would like $50 total for all 3.

Compaq ES40.  One has 12GB ram, the other I think has 16GB ram.  Both 
have quad 866MHz 21264 CPUs.  Want $400 for the 12GB ram one, and $500 
for the 16GB ram one.  I've got some 36GB disks and disk sleds for each 
of these.

One of my PDP-11/23 systems has a dual RX02 and RL02 drive attached.  I 
also have a picture of this system in the flickr photo set I linked to 
above. $200

I'm currently going through and compiling a list of stuff, and matching 
it to people, so everyone who has sent me mail should hear from me soon.

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