[rescue] Ultra 5 OS

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Fri Apr 16 19:17:18 CDT 2010

ssandau at gwi.net writes:

>>> I recently went through this with my Ultra 2.  OpenBSD didn't handle the
>>> SCSI drives properly so I went for NetBSD.  "And it just worked".  No fuss,
>>> no muss.
>> That's weird.  I haven't had any problem with any reasonably recent
>> OpenBSD on Sparc hardware.  it Just Works.

>Seconded here. I ran OBSD on a SPARC 20 for my web and mail server for 
>years, and still run a SPARC 4 and a SPARC 5 with OBSD for firewalls. 
>The only problems I have had have been overheating in the dual-cpu 20 
>and a bad disk drive in one of the others.

OpenBSD is definitely rock solid on 32-bit SPARC systems. I don't
have much experience with it on UltraSPARC though, and the question
above is about problems on an Ultra 2.

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