[rescue] Ultra 5 OS

Ray Arachelian ray at arachelian.com
Fri Apr 16 11:02:14 CDT 2010

Joshua Boyd wrote:
> I'm still trying to hope for a new
> OpenSolaris release.  Supposedly they aren't killing it.  Supposedly
> they will be offering affordable support for it.  I'm getting anxious
> for something more material to come from them though.
I'm using the _134 beta right now and it works just fine as a NAS
filer.  I've been running it for about two weeks now.
You can grab it from here: http://www.genunix.org/distributions/indiana/

The only issue I've had is that I can't set the MTU on the crappy rge0
interface.  googling around, it says it can be set to 7000, but I
haven't been able to change it at all.  gigabit with an MTU of 1500
still isn't too horrible.

That, and one of the drivers for the USB portion of a firewire/usb PCI
card I have claimed to be buggy and self-limited themselves to USB 1.1
(not too big a deal, I have other cards around.)

BTW, any idea on how to download the source?  the download page says you
can, but I can't quite figure out exactly how.  Is there some CVS or SVN
repo I can do a get at the top level of and grab it all?  I'd like to
have it locally, you know, just incase. :-(  I saw the source browser,
but then what?

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