[rescue] Sun E3500 available in PA, US -- still available

Mark G. Thomas Mark at Misty.com
Wed Apr 14 09:46:37 CDT 2010


I had several inquiries, but nothing came through.

I hate the idea of putting this amazing machine by the curb.

I was hoping to get something out of the deal, but at this point
I'd be happy if it went to a good home.

I'm not sure if I still have any spare 18GB FC drives, but FC
drives are cheap these days, or someone could connect SCSI. I've
also gotten ride of most of the 420Rs, though do have piles and
piles of CPUs and RAM for 420R systems.


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After my recent rescue of a pair of loaded and nearly pristine V880s, I 
it's time to retire my Sun E3500 server. For years this has been my 
favorite Sun system, first central to my small business, then later 
for my home file-server and personal workstation.

My E3500 is configured with an SBUS I/O board, a PCI I/O board, and three 
(dual) CPU system boards, but I'll include additional CPUs and CPU boards 
if someone would rather configure it for 8 CPUs. Mine has the 100 MHz clock 
board, a spare 100 MHz clock board, 400 MHz CPUs, and I think whatever 
maximum amount of RAM the system boards will take. It also has the square 
glued-on heatsink versions of the boards, since the clips for the round 
heatsinks break. It has the optional front-mounted FC disk power supply, 
and I'll include at least two 18GB FC drives with a fresh Solaris 
installation. I'll also include an S-Bus cgsix frame buffer and sun monitor, 
if desired. There are additional spare I/O and CPU boards and other 
parts. I was hoping someone would offer me a few hundred dollars for 
everything and would pick it up near Plymouth Meeting PA, since I want 
nothing to do with shipping this beast. I might be persuaded to include
a loaded 420R or two as well.  I also might open to various trades for
newer Sun or Cisco gear.

Anyone interested?

Mark G. Thomas
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