[rescue] Need Wordperfect for Solaris Sparc

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I want to thank everyone for all the suggestions & questions I've
Below are my answers to the comments I've received so far. I welcome
some more helpful advise. 

"How much do you care what version it is?"
	I use Wordperfect 8 on my windows computer and it uses the exact same file format as Wordperfect 6 & Wordperfect 7. I want to use a version on my Solaris computer that uses the same file format.

"I have an original tape of WordPerfect 5.1 for Solaris 2 dated
11/11/93. I can give you a tarball of it if you like."
	Besides not using the same file format as versions 6,7,8; I assume that version 5.1 is a text based version similar to the DOS versions.

"Have you considered a sunpci board? It's reason de entre is just this
type of situation"
	Yes I have considered that. And if I am unable to get Wordperfect for Solaris then I will install a SunPCi board just so I can use Wordpefect 8 on Windows.

"If you've run WordPefect on UNIX before (the versions are all very
close), then you know what you should expect, if not you may be very
	I have never used Wordperfect on UNIX before. I don't expect it to be the same as the Windows versions, but I assumed that versions 6&7 are a GUI version that is similar to versions 6&7 for Windows which I liked. If I'm wrong about that, please explain.

"I remember sometime in the 90s (1996/1997) Corel owned WordPerfect and
had a java release that would run on anything. It may be worth trying to
hunt that down?"
	The Java version was notorious for being one of the slowest computer programs ever made, and it was buggy too.

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