[rescue] Need Wordperfect for Solaris Sparc

greenacres at fastmail.fm greenacres at fastmail.fm
Sat Apr 10 22:35:00 CDT 2010

I want to install Wordpefect on the Sun Blade 2500 workstation that I
recently purchased to replace my Windows home computer. I have spent a
lot of time searching the Internet looking for someplace to buy it from,
but without success. Years ago when I worked as a Unix sysadmin I used
to see advertisements for older software for Solaris in trade magazines,
but I don't have access to those magazines anymore. I know that nowadays
everyone likes StarOffice or OpenOffice, but I don't want to give up
using my favorite wordprocessor. 

Does anyone know of  someplace where I can buy a copy of Wordperfect6 or
Wordperfect7 for Solaris Sparc? Or does anyone have an old copy they
will sell me?

I asked the folks at www.emsps.com/oldtools/wp.htm and they don't have

Michael Britt
  greenacres at fastmail.fm

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