[rescue] trying to light up old Sunray1s

Doug Simmons dsimmons at lib.siu.edu
Thu Apr 8 14:03:57 CDT 2010

If someone in here has srss experience and would be willing to field
some questions I'd be very grateful.

My department was given a handful of them for
development/experimentation. I've gotten no useful behavior out of the
sunray1s yet, but I've installed SRSS and got as far as having an
XP-based Sun Desktop Access Client tell me that it was refused access by
the server; whereupon I enabled this access in the system policy;
whereupon I got a new error: 14. "The server is not authenticated and
the graphic/keyboard network connections are not encrypted." I've never
gotten a login or a desktop.


Doug Simmons
Procedures and Systems Analyst II
Morris Library Systems

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