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Sun Apr 4 08:00:07 CDT 2010

On Sun, Apr 04, 2010 at 02:47:29PM +0200, St?phane Tsacas wrote:
>Don't forget the quotes around file names ! ! Files can contain spaces
>and/or other nasty characters !!

I long ago decided that I would rather have boring file names than ones
with spaces and other characters. I wrote a PERL prograam to create a 
clean file name, i.e. all lower case characters, anything not a 
letter or number replaced with an underbar, and duplicate or final underbars

It plays hell with Hebrew file names, but I only have those on MP3 files
from my wife's CDs. :-)

Note that the awk script will fail if you have more than one level, for
example, if you have something like
"us/commerical/jumbo/lockheed_martin/l1011", it won't create the
intermediate directory levels.

I like intermediate directory levels, for example, my mp3 library is
organized as "artist/album/track" or "artist/album/disk/track" for multiple
disks in an album.


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