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Sat Apr 3 23:32:09 CDT 2010

Mr Ian Primus wrote:
> --- On Sat, 4/3/10, Lionel Peterson <lionel4287 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I work in a K-12 school district in NJ, and we toss GX270
>> systems when the MB goes, but we've just learned we will be
>> trying to make PCs last 10 years now. Anyone have pointers
>> on sources for re-capped GX270 MBs? I haven't googled yet,
>> just curious if any knows of a vendor they have used
>> previously...
> Funny you should mention the GX720 capacitors, as I just fixed one last night. It's always that one capacitor by the RAM that goes - 1500uf at 6.3v. Replace it, and you're good. In this case, I scavenged a cap off another junk motherboard. Took all of fifteen minutes. The machine ran perfectly all night after that.
I don't know if it is the GX270 or not... but that might be the one that 
if you fight
with Dell a bit they'll send you replacement boards....

I've only retired one Dell so far with a bad cap (Precision 270).  
System was working
OK... but I knew the cap was bad, and then the drive failed... and 
didn't want to have
work put any money into a system we weren't using for anything useful 
anyway only
to have the cap go bad enough to take it out of service later.

I have seen one Dell board out of a P4 generation (PGA not LGA) board 
(don't know
what model) where must have been 10-14 capacitors were not just bulged, 
but split
open and having oozed out electrolyte!... and interestingly enough... it 
was made
for Dell by Asus (same age and same manufacturer (Asus) as the HP board 
from the
media center PC with a dozen bad caps on it that is in the middle of 
repair on my

-- Curt

> -Ian
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