[rescue] Wanted: Graphics card and drive sled for RS/6000 7046-B50

Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Thu Apr 1 00:03:02 CDT 2010

On Wed, 31 Mar 2010, Andrew Warkentin wrote:

> I've heard of people using Mac graphics cards in RS/6000s running Linux
> (few, if any, would work with AIX, though, because most older RS/6000
> graphics cards had custom IBM chips, although some did use third-party
> chips).

Right, IBM used some Matrox chips and, I believe, a low-end Radeon in the
"business graphics" cards.  Most of the high-end graphics adapters were
custom silicon.

> I think that the only requirement that RS/6000 firmware has is that the
> card has an Open Firmware F-code ROM.

To a degree, yes, there are no technical reasons that it should not work.
However, IBM have, in the past, blacklisted certain IBM adapters in some
machines via the firmware in order to require the customer to purchase an
electrically-identical-but-bearing-a-different-FRU option at a much higher

The great thing about running IBM kit is that it all works together so
well.  The bad thing about running IBM kit is that sometimes it all works
together against you. :)

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