[rescue] Ultra 20 PSU replaceable with PC PSU?

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Fri Sep 25 00:44:12 CDT 2009

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 08:37:48PM -0400, Carl R. Friend wrote:
>    Dissect the power supply, get the part number off the fan
> that's obnoxious, and figure out a modern replacement.  The
> cost will likely be less than 20 bucks (US) minus salary time
> spent on the diagnosis, identification, and repair.  It won't
> be historically accurate, but you're looking for a runner not a
> museum piece....

While you are there, you may be able to "fix" it. I have done this with many
PC power supply fans, sometimes getting months of use out of them, sometimes
only minutes.

Take it out, clean it thoughly. I use a q-tip wet with window cleaner. 
Then see if you can access the bearings. Usually under the label is 
a cap covering them, but some have no cover at all. Save the cover, on
some fans it's part of the mechanism. :-(

Oil it with SEWING MACHINE OIL, spin the blade by hand until it moves
freely and close it up. I have also had good luck by mixing the oil and
grease I got from a friend that fixes washing machines, etc. It's from a
local company, so I can't tell you anything meaningful to you about it.

There is a lubricant made from a thin oil and little teflon balls, sold
in bycicle shops, which I have always wanted to try. It may also be 
available in gun shops, which I have learned by watching CSI, Vegas is
loaded with them. :-)


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