[rescue] more bits found in post-move clean-up

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 19:07:20 CDT 2009

Free for cost of shipping plus a buck or two:

1x Sparc 20 drive sled

1x Dark (solid) grey SGI keyboard & mouse combo

1x Type 5 Sun keyboard
2x Sun Mice (Compact 1 Mechanical Mouse -- 2.5.1 era, black mouse
ball, curved shape with 3 purple buttons)
1x Sun Mouse, Type 5 (optical, curved shape w/3 purple buttons)
1x Sun Mouse, Type 6? (long, flat curvy thing, but not USB)

1x blanking plate for the side of a Sparc 20 (where the CD drive would be)

May have some other bits, still sifting through what I didn't haul off
to the recyclers.

I'm now in zip 89108.


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