[rescue] some stuff i want to get rid of, and some stuff i want

kyle kyle000 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 04:22:45 CDT 2009

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped. I have a few more items:

I dug up a Dec Multia. Tonight was the first time it was booted since
around 1999/2000(it used to be a radius server for ppp dial-ins). I'm
not getting anything to display, so maybe someone can fix this or use
parts from it. Maybe it's just the battery? It was working when it was
decommissioned. I'm lazy, so free & local pickup only(NYC metro area
or Boston metro area, depending part of the week).

I also have a sparc5 and a SunScreen(basically a sparc5). I only have
one 32meg DIMM between them :) The SunScreen works, and I also have
the SunScreen CD(the SunScreen would boot the OS from the CD), and it
comes with an internal CD drive. The SS5 I was having some issue
tonight trying to install anything on it. It wouldnt boot off of any
media(CD or HD).  Again, free & local pickup only.

I posted this in the past, but people never followed through. A
sparcserver 1000(or 1000e? I forget). It has a few boards(I think 6
cpus are installed, but only 5 show up). Comes with memory, drives,
tape drive, Solaris installed, etc. Heavy, free & local pickup.

I have a large quantity of 36gig fibre channel drives. Make an offer
on one or all(100+). Ill ship these. These all work and were recently

I am looking for:

BSDi bsd/os intel and sparc
Novell UnixWare (not SCO; I want to play with the old stuff)
sparc20's (parts are ok too, as in mobo/power, but not mbus/sbus modules)
Sun GDM-20 monitors(the older ones; but you would need to be within
driving distance for me).
Onyx2 or Origin2K within a afternoons drive of NYC. I have a bunch of
boards and IOG6s, so a parts unit is ok.

And, this is a weird request, Im looking for the redhat linux 4.2
boxset from around 1997 or so that you would normally have found in
bookstores. It's a nostalgia thing(Im looking for the book and CD, but
just the book is fine). A 4.1 or 4.0 set would be ok, too(Ijust
remember buying the 4.2 myself).

*I signed up for the openvms hobbyist license(Im told it still works,
just that it takes a very long time). Im just getting tired of waiting
:) I have a alphastation 200 4/233 that when I purchased had NT on it,
and want to get openvms going on it.

Email me offlist, please.

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