[rescue] some stuff i want to get rid of, and some stuff i want

kyle kyle000 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 01:49:29 CDT 2009

Stuff I want to get rid of:

I have a few SGI Origin 200's(I think I have 3 that are working).
Minus the skins. All have CD drives.

I also have two of the XIO GIGAchannel units that you can connect to
the origins. Presently, one has a modified SI xio card so you can run
one of the origin 200s with graphics. I also have some scsi and
serial/net cards in each. I also have another SI xio card which I
havent gotten around to modifying yet. I also might have some TRAM for
the SI's.

And lastly, I have an OriginVault. (I have a few, but only one is
freed up, and Im not going to get around to free up the others any
time soon).

I have cables for everything, and Ill throw in a drive & sled for each
server, and Ill throw in a few drives and sleds for the vault.

Make an offer/trade and they are yours. Local pickup in NNJ(about
15min from NYC).

I am looking for:

BSDi BSD/OS sparc
LTO2 barcode lables

Email me offlist, thanks.

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